International Women’s Day and our thoughts!

It’s International Women’s Day today and we want to add our thoughts to the conversation. Here’s what the True Talk writers have to say to women on this day:

Bailey Wiebe

I love being a woman! There’s so much talk about “rights” and “equality” that my head has been spinning lately. Honestly, I believe there has never been a better time for women to thrive! Social media can make us believe that the world is worse than it truly is. *This being more so true for North America than for other countries where there are more present and real threats to the lives of women than anything any of us in North America will ever experience.

We are moving into a season of empowerment for women. We can either step into the light as women of Christ or miss the moment! God fiercely promotes and loves women as much as men. To Him, it’s not a competition nor is it a war. His love is perfect. We are called to show a world looking for fierce women just what that truly looks like. Why? The world could never comprehend the authority, power, and influence a woman can have when wrapped in the purpose of the Father! Now THAT is #truetalk!

Briona Wiebe

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the things women have achieved in this world. As I look at all the strong, amazing women around me, I can’t help but feel a deep respect for the things they’ve done. I’m surrounded constantly by moms, daughters, wives, sisters, and friends who live life to push the status quo and set the standard higher. As I looked with honor to these beauties around me, I couldn’t help but think of what I was doing to become a woman who has also achieved great things.  The question must be asked of us all, what are we doing to become strong women?

Jordan Smith

I sat at my desk last night thinking about all of the amazing women I have in my life. I am so beyond blessed to know and have the example of women who have grabbed ahold of what God has set out for them and been a great example to many. A lot of women sit back and watch the TV screen seeing women who have done great things but feel like God has nothing for them. God has called us all to be fierce leaders in our area. Some may be leaders in their home, others at work, and maybe even on stage. Only you and God can really figure that out. On this national women’s day, I challenge you to fully step into your roll as a female leader, take what God has set out for you, and run with it!

Baily Hager

I love Lisa Bevere’s quote, “Women were the solution to the very first problem. It isn’t good for men to be alone.”

This isn’t because women are the sidekick to men, it’s because we have something to offer to change and contribute to shifting situations and circumstances. The Lord made us to be like Him no matter what gender we are. What is God? He is strong! He is bold! He is kind! He is powerful! He is creative! He is generous! He is so many amazing things and we get to be a part of that and become like that. We are to be celebrated and to celebrate others in who God has made them to be!


1 thought on “International Women’s Day and our thoughts!

  1. Love this..we are created in the image of God we are bold, beautiful

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