Are you superhuman?

We all love watching the superhero movies where someone with god-like powers is tasked to defeat a seemingly undefeatable darkness. Even though hundreds of movies have been released with the same plotline, we still love it! Sometimes I wonder if one of these days, the whole superhero craze will fade out but every new movie seems to just gain more and more popularity!

I believe the reason for the enthralment is that we have a desire for good to conquer evil written in our DNA. Whether we realize it or not, we were born to overcome the darkness. When we become citizens of the Kingdom of God, we start our own journey as a “superhero.” It’s kind of like our transformation moment. Before, we were living life in our own strength and were limited by our humanity. But, after we step into Salvation, it’s like we’ve been endued with an incredible power! Where we were weak, we are now strong. Where we felt powerless and in bondage, God has given us the victory!

Yet, as time goes by, we can easily forget the power that is in us. We start to walk, think, and act like we did before. Even though we have the power to overcome, we accept defeat. We need Edna from the Incredibles to come and give us a wake-up call like she did to Elastigirl…”You are Elastigirl, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!!!” ( It’s hilarious and it’s true!

Tomorrow, when you wake up, play that video clip and remind yourself that you are a superhero in the Kingdom of God. You have everything you need to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of your victory. We all know how the superhero movies end – with the good guys winning. In the same way, we can know the plotline to our life stories and the ultimate victory in the Kingdom of God – good wins and evil loses!

Never give up and never back down, YOU are powerful in the Kingdom of God to win the battle!



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