When followers become leaders…

     Being a leader is never about being better than someone else. Becoming a leader means you take care of the things that everyone sees along with the things that no one sees. This also requires the spirit of humility and kindness. Everyone can step out in their area to become a leader. Now, obviously not everyone can become the president of the United States, but not everyone is called to that. You have to learn to step out as a leader in the area that God has called you to, whether that means being a leader in the place you work, being a leader in the church, or leading your friends through a tough season. God calls us to be leaders in all seasons of our lives.

     Our generation can get so caught up in following everyone else that we become too scared to step out and take our spot as a leader where God has actually called us to be. That being said, just because you are a leader doesn’t all of the sudden make you all knowing. I know that God has called me to be a leader for others, but I also know that I always want to remain the student and never the teacher. I always want to learn and know more. There is no possible way that we know everything, and being a leader certainly never gives us the right to tear someone else down because we think we are better. We all equally make mistakes and we all have different talents, which is why we are all called to be leaders in our area. Being a leader requires you to build others up and to put them before yourself. It requires you to build a place where others can succeed and you can watch them shine. When you truly step into your calling as a leader you are no longer threatened by the talents or abilities of others. You will begin to walk with confidence knowing that God has called you for such a time as this.


Jordan Smith

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