Taking care of me in 2018

When the new year arrived, I knew it would be different from 2017. Although many wonderful things happened last year such as… GETTING MARRIED!!!! I also had some health issues and was feeling very exhausted by the end of the year and it caused me to stop caring for myself, all of my energy started going into surviving the day. I needed to exercise, I needed to stop gaining weight, I needed to eat more vegetables/have less treats, and I needed to spend more time with God. I was going through each day with these things at the back of my mind but I hardly tried to put in an effort to make these changes. Instead, I told myself that I didn’t have time and that the time I did have was time that I needed to rest.


So, after being inwardly bothered for the past year by my unhealthy habits, I am looking to 2018 as a fresh year to start living a healthier life. It is time to take care of myself!  While deciding how I was going to make some changes this year, I kept in mind that I am not the strict pinterest diet/workout/anything girl. So, I came up with some things that can start me on the right track by looking at my problems and finding some doable solutions that fit me and my lifestyle.

  1. I love sugar… SOOOOO MUCH! I can’t just eat less of it each day, I’ll end up eating the same amount or more lol. But, if I cut it out completely I’ll crash and burn! LOL

Solution: Say no to desserts/treats every day except for on Friday evening. During that time I am allowed to have some treats.

  1. Even if something isn’t that tasty or I’m feeling full, I still find myself eating too much of it. Why do I do this to myself?! I’m not sure, but it’s about to change. I also have a bad habit of eating food, especially treats, late at night. It just seems to taste better at that time of the day!

Solution: Eat smaller portions. At home, I’m going to try out using a small plate instead of a large one, maybe I’ll end up putting more food on it but hopefully not. And, no more going up for seconds. I’m usually full after the first plate of food anyways, anything more makes me burst at the seams! And for my late night snack addiction. I will not be eating past 7pm unless it’s Friday – that is my treat night.

  1. Exercise! This is my biggest NOPE in life. I don’t mind if I’m getting exercise through playing soccer or going to dance, but if I must go to a gym or do a workout at home or do any of the above by myself it will not happen. Ever.

Solution: Since I won’t exercise by myself, I have asked my husband, Caleb, to exercise with me. And, since I absolutely dread going to the gym, we have come up with an exercise we can do at home. We will be doing as many pushups as possible in 1 minute, then sit ups in 1 minute, burpees in 1 minute, tricep dips in 1 minute, squats in 1 minute, a 1 min plank and I feel like I’m forgetting something but you get the point. You may feel the need to laugh at the fact that I’m only doing 1 minute at a time but let’s be real. I haven’t done much of anything physical since I graduated 4 years ago…. This will hurt for me and at least I’m doing something! Once it gets easy, we will move up to 2 minutes and so on.

  1. Weight. People tell me that I’m not overweight, that I’m skinny, and I don’t need to worry about how much I weigh. Let’s be real, every girl says that to another girl while still worrying about their own weight, even I do it. Thank you for your very nice compliments but the thing is, I don’t like how much I weigh right now, it affects the way that my clothes fit… more like don’t fit, and I would simply like to be lighter. I know it’s not that much, but 152 lbs is the heaviest I’ve ever been, I’m only 21, I shouldn’t be struggling to fit my clothes already.

Solution: Set a goal weight and time to reach that goal. When I was 19, I weighed 128 lbs on a regular day and would drop down to 125 lbs for a couple weeks from time to time. That was the best I had ever felt! So, my goal is to be 127 lbs by July. I’ll give myself 6 months to lose all this extra weight that I’ve gained, mostly in the last 6 months, and see what happens. I’m not doing drastic diets or exercises so I think 6 months is reasonable.

  1. I LOVE staying up late and sleeping in the next day, but I rarely get to sleep in and I don’t do well staying up. If I’m up late, I’ll either crash in the midst of hanging out with friends or stay up and be unable to function the next day.

Solution: Go to bed on time! My husband loves to sleep, he could have a nap, go to bed early, sleep in late, and repeat. Not me! But, I do know that going to bed early will greatly benefit me, so we’ve decided to be ready for bed by 9:30, then we will read for a half hour (not on our phones) and go to sleep at 10:00pm. If we are unable to go to bed on time, what can a person do? It happens, but if we are home we will stick to this rule as much as possible.

  1. Time with God. This one is a very important one for me, if all the others fell to the side but I accomplished this goal, I’d be happy. I go to church services 3 times a week, sometimes more. I work 2 jobs at the church and I often find myself spending evenings at the church with different projects, meetings, and events that are happening. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it! I love that I can pour so much of my time into my church, but I’ve also allowed it to take the place of spending personal time with God. I don’t pray or read my Bible nearly as much as I should. So, what am I going to do to fix it?

Solution: Make it a part of daily routine. MORNING. This will be the real kicker, but I want to wake up at least a half hour earlier than normal to spend time with God. I’m hoping that going to bed earlier will help me wake up earlier and I know this will be the best way to start each day. DAY. I want to make more personal time to pray or to meditate on a scripture that I found that morning or something, and let God’s Word speak to me. If it’s as I’m driving, eating a meal, fasting a meal, praying while I work, or stopping whatever I’m doing. I want and need to make that time for God. NIGHT. Since I am going to be reading every night, I plan to read something spiritual. The Bible or a book that will help me to grow as a Christian.

I’m sure that I will come up with some “exceptions” to all of these changes I plan to make, but I’m trusting that for the most part I can stick to this. It’s time to have a healthier life, both physically and spiritually. I encourage you to make some healthier choices for yourself this year too, feel free to join me in making these 6 simple changes; let’s learn to take care of ourselves while still working hard and getting things done!


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  1. Congratulations on the wedding and starting this new phase of your life! Sounds like you have some great goals for 2018! Wish you all the best – speak766

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