You have power and it’s time to use it!

During the month of January is when we usually all sit down with our coffee and maybe a couple friends to come up with a list of goals for the year. A to-do list. Usually, when we make this list, we follow through for about a few weeks … Hey, maybe you even make it a couple of months! But then, life gets in the way and the goals get put on the backburner. This year I made it a priority to carry out my goals throughout the year.

One morning, I sat down to write out my goals for the year and I was sitting on the couch praying about what I wanted to challenge myself to do this year. As I was sitting there, I heard God say, “This year, I want you to make it a goal to use the voice I gave you.” He said, “Your voice carries power and authority and I want you to use it.” This actually made me really nervous because even though I am definitely an extrovert, putting yourself out there is so scary! When I sat down to write the first blog for True Talk … Oh man, if you would have been sitting next to me you probably would have laughed so much. I laugh about it now. You would not believe how many times I wrote and then deleted, wrote and deleted, etc. I was so nervous guys. It was insane! I don’t think my stomach turned so much in my life. It may sound silly but this was something that I struggled with. After my first blog was released, I got so many texts telling me how much they appreciated that I put my voice out there. They told me that God really spoke to them through MY BLOG. I didn’t even know what to think. Those texts just showed me that what God had put on my heart needed to be shared because it was going to help people and I didn’t need to be afraid because this was God speaking now, not me.

So, as you go through your goals this year, I seriously challenge you to grab ahold of the voice that God gave you and use it because YOUR voice is so powerful and will make such a difference. Even if you just do a bible study with 2 or 3 girls, that is 2 or 3 lives that could be changed! Maybe it is writing a blog or a song. Maybe you just feel God telling you to post something inspirational on Facebook every week. It doesn’t have to be big. I told God at the beginning of the year that even if it was scary, if it would help someone to get to know Him, that I would do it. Who am I to stand in God’s way of reaching someone else?

So are you ready? This week let’s listen to what God is saying to us and GO DO IT!

Jordan Smith

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2 thoughts on “You have power and it’s time to use it!

  1. Great!
    So Proud of you Jordan!
    Let God’s Love Shine through you!!

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  2. LOVE this!!! SO good Jordan! So proud of you for choosing to be a vessel for God to work through and be His mouthpiece! You are amazing & I can’t wait to read more blogs that you write! Love you so much friend!!! ❤️

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