Are you ready for 2018?

It’s time to break the silence. It’s been way too long since my last blog post. I’m sitting at a coffee shop with my husband, who’s studying diligently for exams, and deciding it’s time to get serious about writing. Our world is overflowing with words. In one day, we are stuffed full of ideas, opinions, and facts. Everywhere we turn, there are words. Sometimes I get nervous just having an opinion! The reality is, only those brave enough to stand for their beliefs get noticed. It got me thinking that maybe it’s time to start speaking up for truth in this crazy, twisted world. I’m realizing that the more I stand up for Christ and use biblical truth to combat deceit and well-scripted lies, the more authentic my life needs to become. I can’t preach joy and then welcome anger and sadness into my daily responses. There’s no room for hypocrisy. The fruit of my life needs to speak louder than the words I’m sending out into the darkness. The most effective way to share a perfect love is to intimately know a perfect love. So, to start this writing journey and the beginning of a new year, I’m challenging myself to authenticity, vulnerability, and intimacy with Christ. It starts with me and is finished in Christ!

As I ponder 2018, I’ve got this other thought stirring in my spirit. What do we believe in? Let’s avoid the passive kind of belief like, “Ya, I believe in God.” There’s a much deeper and incredibly influential kind of belief. Beliefs are the little man/woman inside of us pulling the strings. If you believe God is the healer, then you will respond like He is at all times. Regardless of what happens in your life or the lives of those around you, you will see God as the healer. In moments of doubt, your belief will be strengthened and not crumble. A firm belief coupled with the spirit of God is an unstoppable force on the earth. Now, beliefs can change and do change. People who once knew nothing about God come face to face with His Majesty. Suddenly, they begin to respond to life’s situations differently. Instead of anxiety, they have courage. Instead of fear, they find peace in Christ. Rather than running from their problems, they don’t hesitate to run to their Heavenly Father for help. The enemy has only one goal, to keep your beliefs bound up in doubt so that your response is not to run TO God but to run FROM God. We cannot let the doubts of the enemy keep us from responding to the truth we know and our belief in a powerful and loving God. We need a deep and unshakable belief. For many of us, 2017 took its toll. Instead of backing down or giving up, we need to rise up with that firm and unshakable belief in 2018.  Let’s start acting on it – no matter the cost!




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